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The goal at Life Saver Pool Fence in East & Middle Tennessee is to keep little ones safe and where they belong—on solid ground.

Help Prevent Child Drownings by Installing A Pool Fence

Swimming pool drownings are killer of children ages 5 and below here in the United States. A backyard without a pool safety fence that offers adequate protection is more of a threat to a child than a fully-loaded handgun (Freakonomics, 2005).

Thanks to quality pool fencing, parents can have peace of mind that child drownings can be avoided. Pool owners that install a pool fence are less likely to experience a fatal pool accident because it acts as a barrier between a helpless, unsupervised child and the swimming pool.

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Pool Fences + Water Safety Education

We are proud to serve the community by offering protection to young children, and pets, by providing superior pool fences available in the industry.

We believe investing in pool fencing is the first step toward safety and prevention. But, there’s more to consider. We also inform parents about the importance of pool safety and the 7 Layers of Protection.

Life Saver Pool Fence in East & Middle Tennessee is a thoroughly licensed and insured pool fence installation company.

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