Life Saver Pool Fence
Frequently Asked Questions

How strong is the Life Saver Pool Fence?

All mesh pool fence, but especially the Life Saver Pool Fence, is stronger than it looks. Check out this GIF of a dude throwing a bowling ball at it. The mesh is rated to withstand 387 lbs. per square inch, and each individual pole has been tested to withstand over 105 lbs. of horizontal pressure at 36 inches above grade. When attached to the mesh and other poles, the pole strength becomes exponentially higher. In short, it’s really tough stuff.

Do you have a Warranty?

Every component of every Life Saver Pool Fence around every pool in the 15 countries where they exist is covered by our 100-year warranty. As long as the original owner owns the fence, you are covered. And we cover everything besides acts of God like nuclear bombs, hurricanes, tsunamis, and very excited Great Danes – even your floorboards and dining room table aren’t safe from an ambitious enough Fido.

What kind of fence do you need for an in-ground pool?

You need a Life Saver Pool Fence, preferably at least 4 feet high with a self-closing, self-latching gate. The fence should isolate the pool from the backyard, and if possible, you should only have to open it to access the pool.

What is the Save a Life Program?

Through the Save a Life Program, we set aside pool safety fencing every time we protect a pool that we donate to families who have experienced a fatal or non-fatal drowning. We are alerted to these tragic accidents by our partners in the drowning prevention community, e.g. Live Like Jake and the National Drowning Prevention Alliance.

Are your poles ever made from fiberglass?

Once upon a time, we switched over to fiberglass poles at the same time other pool fence manufacturers also began trying fiberglass posts. It seemed like an obvious choice. Fiberglass is less expensive, comes in different colors, and the flexibility makes it difficult to break. What we found, however, is that this material is poorly suited to pool fence, which operates on tension. When the fence sways due to the fiberglass’s flexibility, cracks and splinters begin to actually tear the pole apart. The eventual, inevitable result is a dangerous bundle of broken shards and spikes. Also, almost immediately after installation, touching the fiberglass pole can give you invisible but painful/itchy fiberglass splinters – definitely not something we would want for our children. We discontinued using fiberglass poles, replace any installations that use them at no charge, and now exclusively offer poles made of 6063-T6 aircraft grade aluminum.

Do you have self-latching, self-closing gates?

We do. The Consumer Product Safety Commission, National Drowning Prevention Alliance, and many others agree that a self-closing, self-latching gate is a necessity for your pool fence, and we are proud to offer the best and most reliable gate available.

How do I know how much fencing I need?

Your local Life Saver will be able to give you an estimate of how much you will need. The best way is for them to do it in person, but modern technology allows Life Savers to produce rather accurate estimations remotely using tools like Google Earth.

What surfaces can you install pool fence into?

Pool fence can be installed into any substantial surface or earth.

Can you install a pool fence onto an above the ground pool? / Does pool fencing work on above ground pools?

Pool fence can be installed around an above ground pool just the same as any other pool. It can be used to completely surround an above ground pool, or be installed on a deck that surrounds an above ground pool. We do not recommend attaching pool fence to an above ground pool; it should be installed 2-3’ away from the side of the above ground pool wherever possible.

Can a Life Saver fence be applied to a wood deck or does it have to be drilled into the ground?

Yes, Life Saver Pool Fence can be installed on a wood deck, or any other substantial surface.

How do you remove a pool fence for storage?

You can disconnect the latching hardware by squeezing the two poles together where the sections meet to release the tension, then unhooking the latch between them. Once all of the latches are disconnected, you should be able to easily pull the pool fence poles from their sleeves and roll the fence up for storage. If you’re having trouble with a particular pole, try pushing it toward or against the way that the hole is leaning before pulling. It is helpful to mark any custom cut sections you have for easier re-installation.

How can I reinstall my removable pool fence?

To replace the fence, start at the end of a section (where you have two holes next to each other) and drop the poles back into the sleeves one at a time, unrolling the section as you go. Take care to make sure that you identify any custom cut sections that you have before installing, and replace them in the same holes they came from. After all sections have been replaced, squeeze the two poles together and attach the latching hardware to place the fence under tension.

Can you leave the fencing up during the winter?

Yes. The polyvinyl basket weave is infused with top of the line UV inhibitors that keep your pool fencing looking brand new for decades even in the harshest sunlight of Dubai, Arizona, and Nevada, and through brutal winters in Michigan, Minnesota, Canada.

How do I repair a pool fence?

Your best bet is to go to call the phone number at the top of this page. Issues are often covered by the 100-year warranty, but either way, the local Life Saver will be able to assist you.

How much fence is needed to enclose a pool?

It depends on the size of your pool and the layout of your backyard. Your local Life Saver can help you determine what you need.

Can I install your pool fence as a seawall fence?

Yes. The Life Saver Pool Fence can be installed on seawalls, docks, and bulkheads. Learn more about seawall and boat dock fences here.

Can you attach pool fencing to existing fencing on our property?

Yes, you can.

Can a child lift the poles out of the holes?

No, they can’t. When the fence is installed properly and all of the latching hardware is connected, the force of the tension keeps the fence tight and makes it impossible for a child 5 years of age or younger to pull the poles out of the holes.

How high does my pool fence have to be?

The Center for Disease Control, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and the National Drowning Prevention Alliance all recommend that pool fence be a four-sided isolation fence at least 48” high with a self-closing, self-latching gate. In some jurisdictions and for adoptions, daycares, and foster homes in California, a 60” tall fence may be required. Check your local ordinances.

What is your pool fence installation process?

A factory-trained Life Saver or one of their installers will lay out the fence on the path that you both decided upon. After making the layout, the installer will drill holes 1-1/8” in diameter and 4” deep. A plastic sleeve will be placed into each hole, and, eventually, the pool fence will be erected using those holes. The fence will be latched together at the end of each section and, if one was purchased, the self-closing, self-latching gate will be assembled and installed.

How do I get in touch with a pool fence dealer and installer near me?

You can fill out the form on this website or type your ZIP code into the “Find Your Dealer” box above.

Can weather damage my fence?

The polyvinyl basket weave mesh is infused with top-of-the-line UV inhibitors that keep your pool fencing looking brand new for decades even in the harshest sunlight of Dubai, Arizona, and Nevada, and through brutal winters in Michigan, Minnesota, and Canada. The fence may have difficulty in winds exceeding tropical storm level gusts, but otherwise, should be just fine in most standard weather conditions.

Should I take my fence down during a hurricane or blizzard?

The definitive and official answer is: Maybe.

Despite its strength, even the Life Saver Pool Fence is unlikely to endure a serious hurricane (or winter storm) unscathed — and acts of God, like tropical cyclones or blizzards, are not covered by the warranty.

So, why leave up your fence?


Even a damaged mesh pool fence will prevent or slow a child or pet from accessing a pool. During a storm, windows, doors, and perimeter fences might be broken (possibly without your knowledge), allowing a child or pet direct access to the pool. In previous hurricanes, possibly because of the holes in the mesh, we’ve seen pool fences stay standing while perimeter fences are destroyed. If your perimeter fence is partially or completely compromised, the Life Saver Pool Fence might be the only barrier protecting your pool from your pets and children, and your neighbors’ pets and children, as well. And while storm damage is NOT covered by the warranty, replacing or repairing a mesh pool fence destroyed in a hurricane is often covered by your homeowner’s insurance.

So, yes, leaving up your pool fence might risk it being damaged, but it might also be a last layer of defense when it’s needed most. Ultimately, the decision is up to you.

Who will be installing my pool fence?

One of our factory-trained and authorized Life Savers or one of their trusted installers.

How quickly can the mesh fence be removed?

An adult can remove the entire mesh pool safety fence in 10-15 minutes.

What should we have ready for the pool safety evaluation?

If you have a spouse, it is best if both of you are present for the evaluation. If possible, doing the evaluation while your child is napping may allow you to be more attentive and get all of the information. If you have any dogs, you might want to keep them in the house while the Life Saver is in the backyard. Besides that, no real preparation is required.

How long will it take to install a pool fence?

The typical pool fence is installed in just a few hours.

Can a child climb over or knock down your pool fence?

The fence is intended to deter children under five years old from accessing the pool. The vast majority of children who drown are between one and four years old, the age group where drowning is the number one cause of accidental death. Because of the mesh construction, there are no hand holds or foot holds a child can use to climb it. Sure, a child 5+ years old, with enough time, could drag over a piece of patio furniture and eventually get over the fence. But in this scenario, you gain the most important resource in the world: time. Time that can mean the difference between healthy, permanently disabled, or lost completely. The pool fence is not intended to replace adult supervision and should be used as one of many layers of protection.

Each pole has a strength rating of over 100 pounds of horizontal force at 36” above grade. A child should not be able to knock over the fence.

What are the different pool fence types you offer?

  • Patented solid pole construction with a strength rating of over 100 pounds of horizontal force at 36” above grade
  • Y-pole extrusion
  • Pool Fence DIY design

What colors of pool fence do you offer?

Black, brown, copper vein, green, white, and tan, with a nearly infinite number of combinations of those colors.

How should I clean and maintain my fence?

The fence should be cleaned with a mild detergent and the sleeves should be rinsed out periodically. You can also check the latches for proper operation regularly.

Where should I store my fence?

You should store your mesh pool safety fence somewhere dry and protected from critters.

What type of surface can your fence be installed into?

The pool fence can be installed into virtually any substantial surface. It can also be installed in grass or dirt.

Can you install the fence without drilling holes?


Can the existing holes from my previous fence be used for a Life Saver Pool Fence?

Sometimes you can, but it doesn’t always turn out great. Your local Life Saver will make a judgment call based on the existing holes.

What if my pet damages the mesh fence, can the mesh be repaired?

A persistent dog can destroy your furniture, floorboards, and your pool fence. However, the mesh can be repaired if this happens.