Joe was fantastic! I am so happy I went with this company. Communication was fantastic from the beginning, even though I had so many delays and construction was always behind, Joe was understanding, and when I was ready, he made it happen within a couple weeks. The final inspection went without a hitch and the County was actually really happy with the product, stating they are starting to see more of this fence being put in. The product itself is durable and well made. I went with the premium grade and happy I did. We got 2 gates put in on opposite ends and it works great for us and our yard. We love how easy it is remove the fence when we’re hosting. It’s very safe for my 2 and 6 year old and they cannot get in it or climb it. The key hole is also high so even if they got ahold of the key, they would not be able to reach it. Overall, I’m happy with Joe and his company and the product. I highly recommend.