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  • We offer a 100-Year Warranty.
  • We offer FREE onsite quotes.
  • We provide virtual quotes using Google Earth. (if clear line of site is available remotely)
  • Phone quotes are available at (423) 860-0000 (if customer has accurate measurements). We text too!
  • We take the time to familiarize our customers on pool safety.
  • We install on any surface.
  • We do both above & in-ground pool fence installation.

Having a mesh pool fence is only the first step towards preventing child pool accidents. Start today by scheduling your pool fence installation.

Why Life Saver Pool Fence?

Swimming pool safety and longevity isn’t the only reason why pool owners are choosing to install a Life Saver Pool Fence.

→ The mesh is made of tightly woven polyvinyl-coated nylon, making it transparent and wrinkle free.

→ No sharp hooks or points.

→ Very easy to install and to remove.

→ Self-latching/self-closing pool gate.

→ They are inexpensive and very easy to use.

→ A mesh fence is maintenance free and looks like new for years to come.

→ Provides a safety blockade that prevents children, and pets from accidentally falling into the pool. This type of fencing also prevents wildlife from entering into the pool unexpectedly.

→ Prevents children from climbing unlike other types of pool fences. Many standard brands make it too easy for children to climb over.

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Our Pool Safety Products & Installation Services

Our pool fence installation services include:

  • pool fence installations
  • removable mesh fence installations
  • pool gate installations
  • pet fence installations